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Breaking Down The Detroit
Renaissance Center

This info poster is the result of several months of research into the Detroit Renaissance Center.



Breaking Down the Detroit Renaissance Center was a three month long research project. We were assigned to research everything about a particular area of Detroit (mine being the Ren Cen): its traffic flow, sounds, temperature, activity levels, smells; any piece of data could have proven valuable later on.

The full poster measures 24"x36" and is printed on matte cardstock.


After several revision and organization stages, we chose a particular part of our area to focus on. I highlighted the physical composition of the Renaissance Center compound. My information begins at the bottom of the poster and builds up to the top, starting with the most basic chemical compositions and ending with an overview of the layout of the Ren Cen compound.


Much of the information on this poster is presented in the form of "factoids," small interesting snippits of information.

Organizing my data this way allowed me to make my composition's structure to match accordingly. I used a grid system that was fractalinear in nature, complimenting the way pieces of the Ren Cen built upon each other.

There are four levels of information: Basic Resources, Materials, Buildings, & Ren Cen Complex.

The bottom tier contains the chemical information, giving such analogies as the number of balloons that could be filled with the air used to create the Ren Cen's concrete to represent data that was roughly calculated out by myself.


The top photo shows the third level of my poster, explaining the building heights in relation to each other.

The bottom photo shows icons used to represent the raw materials used to make the construction materials.




The top of the poster concludes with general information regarding the Ren Cen such as its construction dates, surface area, floor space, cost of construction, and building layouts. Overall, I feel like this project was successful in visualizing the physical nature of the Detroit Renaissance Center.

Designed and coded by Alex Bergin, 2012

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