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Exact Architecture

A mathematical and humanistic system developed for a fictional architecture firm.




My Intro to Visual Communication Final. I had to design stationary and come up with a company to represent my object for the semester, the drafting compass. I chose to go a very mathematical route because my company was named “Exact Architecture.” Everything is based off of the number 3:


The angle of the compass icon is 60 degrees, 1/6th of 360.

The small upper triangle’s diameter is 1/3 that of the lower, larger triangle.

The colors are 120 degrees apart on the color wheel which, when divided by two gives you 60 degrees for each triangle.

The grid used on all of the documents is made up of blocks that are multiples of 3 picas in size (1p0, 3p0, 6p0, 9p0, ect.)

The random arrangement and scale of the abstract and ornamental circles at the tops and bottoms of some pages is determined by a stroke that uses variables that are all multiples of three applied to a fractaliniar shape made entirely of circles.


The two parts of the logo mark (a drafting compass) represent what the architect does; The smaller blue triangle (the handle of the compass) represents the conceptual side, where the architect envisions the final product.


The larger magenta triangle (the drawing point and the needle anchor) represents the physical output, the drawings and blueprints produced and sent to the company that constructs the building.

The strict grid is meant to represent what the company does — build complex structures out of simple parts.


The circles are meant to represent the human aspect of architecture, with the rigid grid housing circles of all shapes and sizes. Univers was a required typeface and I chose to pair it with Georgia because it’s a web safe typeface and looks great.

Designed and coded by Alex Bergin, 2012

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